In All Your Activities Are You Focused On The 3 Essential Steps For Success?
In All Your Activities Are You Focused On The 3 Essential Steps For Success?
Working From Home

Working From Home

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(Alan Sugar of Amstrad fame and TV show The Apprentice made this journey himself even before the power of the internet was here).

For whatever reason, you are looking to work from home. But it is difficult to find genuine opportunities that actually pay decent money. I know, I have looked many times over the years.

The solution is to work for yourself. That is not as scary as you may think. You can run your own online business, but you need not be doing it totally on your own as there are many thousands of other people doing the same.

There are just 3 steps to starting your own online business.

Perhaps you have already looked into doing this and have been inundated by too much information that you don’t know where to turn. But in reality, there are just 3 steps you need to follow.

Download an introductory guide: 3 steps to starting a small online business This guide will help you resist the temptation you face when offered those BSO’s. You know the ones, the Bright Shiny Object that says “download this software that instantly gives you traffic”, “just copy and paste your way to riches”, or “use our done-for-you product to make your fortune” etc. etc.

In reality, there is no success without your own effort. But you do not need a fortune in money to succeed in Internet Marketing. If you were to start a traditional brick-and-mortar business it would take months and cost thousands of pounds. To begin an online business takes £100 or less with income coming in within a month to reinvest and put towards your living expenses.

An online business fits around your lifestyle or other commitments. If you are not able to do a regular job then an online business is available to you 24/7/365.

Download your introductory guide to learn more: 3 steps to starting a small online business

Studies into working from home

Many regular employers now offer some of their employees the opportunity to work from home. The Trade Union Congress (TUC) here in the UK estimates that another 4 million workers would love the opportunity to work from home but they are not yet allowed to. (See their report HERE).

With your own business, you can fit it around current commitments even if your employer does not allow home working for their business.

Do you dream of handing in your notice one day? Well with your own online business growing in the background that day will come for you.

The Daily Telegraph has published an article on why they think that home working is the way of the future. Telegraph Article

But if you are working for someone else, even at home, you can still be laid off. If your health becomes so poor that you cannot do regular work then government benefits may not be enough to give you a good quality of life.

With your own, growing, business then you can work towards the level of income you need for the life you want.

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