You may already have your dream job. But do you have your dream income? If not then why not consider Internet Marketing (known as IM)?

What is Internet Marketing?

Simply put, you find a customer with a need. You then supply the solution to that need by providing a product that the customer can download onto their device. The product can be; an e-book, a video, a podcast, an article, or any combination of these.

Avoid The Common Mistake

Many people fail at IM because of one simple mistake. They ‘put the cart before the horse’. They invent the world’s best mousetrap and then look for people to buy it. BUT the people are not looking for a mousetrap!!!

THEY ARE LOOKING for their next romantic relationship, or how to get more money coming in, or how to overcome a health issue that the doctors don’t seem to be able to help with. They may also want to have a perfect garden or a fancy garden shed. Their dog may be troublesome and need training.

All of these are people with needs. These are people who will PAY YOU MONEY if you help them with the solution to their problem. And there are thousands of such needs being expressed by millions of people.

On this website, you will find the answers to problems thousands of people face when trying to make money from the internet. As you help those people they will help you increase your income greatly!!

Why not start off by having a collection of Free Tools. Just CLICK HERE and download your starter pack.

Most of what we want to do in life requires money! That is why over 30,000 people every month are searching in Google with “how to make money online” or variations on that search request. I know from my own expereince that this can result in getting an email inbox loaded with offers, programs and invitations to webinars. But in the end it all comes down to following just 3 STEPS. I outline those steps on this website and give you a free download to help you succeed quickly. This link takes you directly to that page.

How to start a small online business in just 3 steps

You may have tried to set goals in the past but failed. Now try the Micro Habit method. Click on the HABIT tag below

The Academy For Living Your Dreams

The Academy is not some ancient monument of a school building to which you are invited to attend. Rather it is a collection of products, services, and methodologies that help you to move forward with your life.

Learning from others who have improved their own lives can give us inspiration on how we can do the same. Maybe you are struggling with money. [This is always not having enough rather than having too much isn’t it?]

There are those people who have learned the lessons in attracting money to themselves. In reality, they don’t set out looking for money but rather learn habits, work patterns, and talent improvements that empower them which in turn makes them more valuable in the economy.

Personal changes often begin with developing new personal habits on a daily basis. So a good place to start could be clicking on the HABITS link below. Start by taking one small step at a time and you will be amazed where you will end up.

Improving your health may be your most pressing concern right now. After all, no amount of money will give you complete happiness on its own if you don’t feel up to using it 🙂 Again Micro Habits can help here too.

Just click on the Habits link below and see for yourself.

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How to start a small online business in just 3 steps

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