In All Your Activities Are You Focused On The 3 Essential Steps For Success?
In All Your Activities Are You Focused On The 3 Essential Steps For Success?


Robert J – Researcher & Author

Robert James is an Internet Marketer, researching and producing products for downloading onto your devices. The basic philosophy is to encourage you, the reader, to have your own dream in life and develop the skills and methods to be able to achieve it. The author is at the stage in life to demonstrate that this is possible for everyone. Why not download his motivational book for free:

How A School Cleaner Is Living The Dream

Many people want to change their current lifestyles in some way or just to improve upon what they already have. Robert J, for many years, wanted to own a cruiser for use on the inland waterways of the United Kingdom. [2,200 miles of navigable waterways]. Despite a work history of low paid employment, he was able to purchase OCEAN STAR, a 33ft Birchwood Cruiser, in December 2018. Just accepting a wage from an employer is not enough to break out into a new life. By developing an online business, additional income comes in to make the difference.

Ocean Star a 33 foot Birchwood Motor Cruiser

But remember, that whatever your dream, it doesn’t usually come fully formed and ready to go. Ocean Star is over 30 years old but half the fun is upgrading a cruiser and modernising it. In 1985 when it was built, there was virtually no internet (My children cannot envision a world without internet) and no need for usb chargers. Now there needs to be wireless internet, usb charging and power to drive laptops, mobile phones, ipads etc.

[If you want to follow along on the upgrading and cruising of Ocean Star you can go onto YouTube and search for roughing it on a motor yacht . ]

Writing this in early 2020 you will remember various new phrases such as Covid-19, coronavirus, lockdown, and social distancing. There was a desire for things to “return to normal”. BUT there was no going back to what was. So many jobs vanished and so many careers ended and so many workflows changed. A new normal needed to arise.

I can virtually guarantee that if you are adult during this time, where ever you are in the world, then you were affected by the pandemic. But take your future into your own hands now and develop your own online business.

Disclaimer: Legally it is not permitted to indicate levels of income from any particular business venture. That is because of so many variables that are in the hands of the participant over which no-one else has control.