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One of the great challenges for everyone online is to get visitors to see what you can offer them. We are not all as well known as Amazon, Ebay or Facebook .

The quickest way is to pay for targeted ads on well-trafficed platforms but as they become more popular the price goes up and up again.

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How To Get Organic Traffic In 2020

Article Marketing was a process developed in the early days to get FREE traffic (also known as ORGANIC traffic) where people searching the Internet would find a reference to your website and pop over and have a look.

The most important part of developing an online business is to be able to get people to visit your website. This can be an e-commerce store, and Amazon shop or a digital download site. This is known as getting traffic.

We have all seen ads that pop up when we search in Google or watch videos on YouTube or go onto Facebook. These are paid ads. There is a very good reason to use paid ads as it’s fast traffic. But being paid means it can cost a lot of money.

If you write a blog post (basically a short article tightly focused on just one thought) and refer back to a longer article on your website this can then give you traffic for free which builds up over time.

Blog posts can be in many forms such as Tweets, Facebook Posts and Instagram notes.

When Article Marketing was used originally it was focused on getting website rankings on Google. There wasn’t the social media we have today so you wanted (and actually needed) your website to be found on page one of the search engine rankings.

Many techniques were developed, including article marketing, to game Google into giving good rankings to your website. But Google, along with other search engines, don’t like to be manipulated in this way so they keep changing their algorithms. These updates destroyed millions of rubbish websites, many of which had poor quality articles on them. The famous updates, known as the Panda and Penguin updates, targeted article directories in particular which housed millions of articles on thousands of subjects. But so many of these were poorly written and in fact were unreadable. But they existed solely to provide links to millions of keywords being used by searchers.

Article Marketing Pro 2020 shows you how to go about using articles (and the shorter blog posts) to massively build up organic (ie. FREE) traffic to your website. How to do it right and in a way so that not only does your traffic last but it builds up over time.

It’s a FREE guide dedicated to helping you develop out your online business.

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