In All Your Activities Are You Focused On The 3 Essential Steps For Success?
In All Your Activities Are You Focused On The 3 Essential Steps For Success?
Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels

 What Are Sales Funnels And Do You Need One?

If you have been researching making money online for any length of time you will have come across the term “sales funnels”. In fact, you may have inside several funnels without realizing it.

It is a cunning (but legitimate) way of presenting new customers with more of your products at the time they buy the first one.

It is important that you offer the first product for sale. Even if it is for $7 or so. Do not give a freebie! There is a psychology at work here. Once you find a buying customer they are more likely to buy more from you. If you give the first product away for free, firstly you are probably just attracting tire-kickers who just gather freebies and never buy. Secondly, by charging even a small amount you give the right impression of passing on value to the customer.

At the time of first purchase the buyer is already conditioned to buy from you, so offer them more. This is the purpose of a sales funnel. Each step offers new products or services but at increasing prices. Once the customer starts saying “no” then the funnel offers a lower-priced product instead.

In the beginning when you are first starting out you probably only have one or two products for sale. As time goes on you increase both the number and the value of the products you can offer. This is the time to set up a funnel.

How To Set Up A Sales Funnel

Unless you are a wizard at programming then you need to use a Sales Funnel Program. These can be hosted on your own servers but are generally hosted on 3rd party servers. As with everything there are levels of complexity and power associated with sales funnels. Also, costs vary with complexity.

You may already be familiar with Get Response as an email autoresponder company. But in fact, they have a range of services including sales funnels. This is good news as it integrates the sales funnel with email services for the same low price. Just click the image and see the range of services for yourself.

When you get further into developing your products and services you may be offering top-end products for many thousands of dollars as well as a wide range of other upsells and down sells. You may get to the stage where you need a more powerful Sales Funnel.

There is one name above all others that is used by all top internet marketers as well as many other companies. It is very powerful but comes with a higher price tag. But by the time you need to be upgrading then you are already “raking it in” by the many hundreds or thousands every week. The increase in servicing you can give your customers will most likely increase your level of sales, thus offsetting the increased cost of the service.

The name of this service is ClickFunnels (currently $97 per month). But they have a great deal of support and training. Their  30 DAY SUMMIT is a very valuable resource. Russell Brunson – the creater of CF – asks 30 members of his 2 comma club (to be a member you have to be earning $1,000,000 or more a year – count the commas) what they would do if they lost everything. The top entrepreneurs reveal their secret plans to regain their business.



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