Real Way To Make Money On YouTube

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YouTube is a wonderfully powerful platform with fantastic viewing figures. However, YouTube (especially it’s parent company Alphabet) takes a massive chunk of the spend by advertisers. With the total volume of ad revenue fluctuating whenever YouTube gets criticism from advertisers, your income is not reliable.

To even get ad revenue from YouTube, your channel needs to get 1,000 subscribers and receive 4,000 viewing hours in a 12 month period. These are difficult numbers for most channels to achieve and maintain.

The main metric YouTube uses to rate your channel is the length of viewing time per video.

Average Watch Time in mins and seconds

As you can see there is a dropoff about 4 minutes and again at 8 minutes. The longer viewers stay on your video the longer YouTube has to show them ads. This is a challenge for you to maintain engagement with your viewers.

Analyse your own viewing figures for your channel and see how it stacks up alongside the required 4,000 hours you need each year just to qualify to have ads placed on your channel.

Ad income is pathetic anyway, just cents per 1,000 views. You need an additional income stream to make your channel really producing the big bucks for you.

This is where you actually hide some of your videos in the way you are shown at

This brings together the jigsaw of actions you need to take to make this happen profitably for you.

Once you get started you will find all sorts of ways to create membership sites and gain regular customers paying for access to them.