In All Your Activities Are You Focused On The 3 Essential Steps For Success?
In All Your Activities Are You Focused On The 3 Essential Steps For Success?
Crypto Trading

Crypto Trading

Just a tiny selection of the 2,000 cryptocurrencies now available

We have all heard of Bitcoin but of course have never seen one. You are not ever going to get one in your change at Walmart. Why? Because it is the first (and still by far most valuable) cryptocurrency.

There are now over 2,000 cryptocurrencies creating a market value of around $257 BILLION as of 26th September. But Bitcoin is twice as valuable as the 2nd one in the list.

These currencies only exist in cyberspace but can be used in trading for goods and services. They can also be traded against one another and against “normal” currencies. Vast fortunes can be made and lost through crypto trading.

The value of Bitcoin is highly volatile (see ). But where there is volatility there are opportunities for trade. High movements in value can result in massive profits but equally in massive losses.

Here we see a chart showing a massive drop in the value of Bitcoin being traded against the US dollar.

This drop took place on 24th September 2018 and resulted in a total loss of market value of some £24 BILLION within a 2 hour period.

The 24 hours following that loss showed that the market failed to make much of a recovery. Even today (27 Sept) the value is only $8,032, well down from it’s high of $10,583 on 5th September

In my own experience working online with an agent at a cryptocurrency exchange, I was able to double my investment in the 2 hours we were online together. But I also suffered some losses when using longer trades.


Yes, there are massive profits to be made here. But the volatility can also result in fast losses. If you are tempted to try for yourself I strongly recommend that you –


Take a look at the training on offer by Thomas Boss Cole – a young trader who has been featured in Forbes Magazine. His program can be found at

He is helping thousands of people in many countries to become successful traders in cryptocurrencies. There is serious talk about how the future of these currencies will disrupt the historical financial setup and destroy the control that regular banks have on individuals, companies and even governments.

By way of full disclosure, if you were to join Tom’s program I may receive a commission for introducing you.