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3 Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner

1: Google AdSense

One of the oldest ways of making money online is to allow Google to place small ads on your website. Originally they were just text ads but now can be quite sophisticated with images. If you’ve visited any website, on your computer, or even on your mobile device, you would have seen Google ads. These ads are everywhere and for good reason. Not only are they easy to set up on any basic website, but they can be lucrative once your website starts bringing in a steady amount of traffic.

One of the cool things about Google AdSense is that it’s so easy to get set up. Once you start your website or blog you can sign up for a free Google AdSense Account. From there, Google will give you a unique code that you will paste onto your website. Google takes it from there, tracking your page views, traffic, and earnings on your behalf. There is no upkeep or maintenance to get this thing going, which makes it a no-brainer if you have a website already.

How much will you make? In a word nothing! Forget about income in the beginning. You simply won’t have the level of traffic of people visiting your website in order to generate income. BUT as you keep going, as you keep developing out your content, traffic goes up. By also providing links back to previous articles (another word for a blog post) they will then start to generate ad clicks that lead to income.

It’s like a new author trying to get their first book published. If J.K. Rowling gave up when publishers rejected her Harry Potter manuscripts then you wouldn’t even know who I am talking about. But the 20th publisher took the chance with her work and guess who is now laughing all the way to the bank?

Your first blog post may not be seen by more than a dozen people in the first few months after you publish it. But as you add more, related posts, and keep referring back to your original work (as appropriate to the topic at hand) they will gain traffic too.

The secret is to START, and then KEEP GOING! Keep adding new content on a regular schedule.

2: Affiliate Marketing

At the beginning of your online journey, you may not have much to offer for sale. So it makes sense to team up with others to supply products or services of interest to your own customers. Making these sales will result in you receiving commission payments from a few dollars to many thousands, depending on the nature of what you are offering.

Also, these are products available today. Especially these days people have no patience, they want their desires met instantly. Also over time, you will get to know your customer base better. You will learn what they desire most. This gives you time to develop your own offerings that you know will sell to a hungry market.

To find vendors offering their products to affiliates just use Google. Type in your niche name followed by an affiliate program. i.e. weight loss affiliate programs.

There are also platforms that offer information products in multiple niches. Clickbank is one such company. Create a free account and look in their Marketplace. You will find dozens of vendors offering a range of products costing from a few dollars to hundreds.  These are generally digital download products so the customer gets instant gratification. For the make money online niche there is JV Zoo.

Your blog posts can be reviews of these products. Identify your customer’s needs (especially their pain points) and show how these products fill their needs. Try to give a balanced, impartial review else you will come off as selling, and no one likes to be sold to. The most powerful products are those you use yourself. Describe how these products help your business or solve your personal issues.

With affiliate marketing, you need to decide which branch you are interested in. There is the eCommerce side where you set up say an Amazon Store, Teesprings Store, Shopify, or any of dozens of other physical product sales outlets. Or there is the other branch where you provide information products that your customers download instantly to their device.

3: Consulting

Another way to make money online is via consulting. If you’re an expert in any field, you could potentially find people willing to pay you to counsel them on their personal or business goals. You might think you’re not important enough to consult for big companies, but you could be surprised at the types of expertise people will pay for.

You may not consider yourself to be an expert as you may not have fancy qualifications or letters behind your name. But in reality, you are an expert if you just know more than the person asking the question.

You might be surprised how many people would be willing to pay you consulting fees to help them solve just the next part of whatever problem they are facing.

Whatever your field of interest it doesn’t need to be at a high level to begin your consulting business. Say you are experienced at graphic design; you could begin to offer your services on ‘gig’ sites such as,, or any of the other freelance sites. In fact, there is a vast array of topics that there are experts in on these websites.

These are just 3 ideas for making money online. You can be an absolute beginner or already have some skills. But step by step you can gain income from your online activities that can supplement or even replace a normal wage or salary.

For 12 Ways You Can Absolutely Make Money Online just check out the fuller article at FORBES.

Affiliate Marketing – Get Your Piece Of the Action

Selling other people’s stuff – physical products, services, or providing referrals, is a huge business and a growing business. Acting as an affiliate you don’t need to produce the end product yourself. You just collect a commission from the product owners for sales or leads.

Why Bother With Affiliate Marketing?

IT’s A Big Business!

With a total world spend worth $12 B every year (that,s billion with a big B (1,000 million equals 1 billion)) affiliate marketing is a great business model. It is also a growing business.

Affiliate Marketing Is Also Gender Neutral Without Barriers

Female 42.97% Male 54.23%

There are thousands of companies who offer an affiliate program as one of their marketing channels. You can benefit from the overall corporate advertising which creates brand awareness and trust. But you will reach clients and customers on a more personal level and thus get their business on behalf of the company.

Like everything it pays to get trained by someone who is already an expert in the business themselves. They have been through the learning curve and know what works and what doesn’t so you can save time and start earning big very quickly.

Learning from someone who has come up from the bottom to now be earning 6 figures a year means they have learned some secrets for success to pass on to you. John is certainly passing them on to me. I am now living an alternative lifestyle onboard my motor cruiser, Ocean Star.

Sign up for one of John’s free webinars and see what he can do for you.

John’s Webinar Signup

John Crestani

John Crestani – Internet Marketer and Coach

Being an internet marketer John Crestani built up his business from zero to $5 million within a few years. In order to encourage people who dream of an affluent lifestyle, he shows this is not only possible but achievable by showing his vacations, Lamborghini, and various other things he got from his business. As an internet marketer, he started in 2011 to make money online by trying a number of things. He succeeded to make $100,000 within two years and after that, he made an empire of nearly $5 million by 2016. Now he was able to live life on his terms. He can get what he wants and lives wherever he wants.

Though whatever John says looks like a dream viewed by most of the people who could not make their business successful still many people tend to buy the methods of making money online offered by him even without knowing too much about them. By coming to know the methods offered by John more closely you can also use them to make a good future for you and your family.

John has written a guide to help people recognize legit businesses from scams. This has saved many people losing their money.

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IT WORKS – You are seeing this post because of me following John’s teachings about marketing.

Free Traffic With Joe

One of the great challenges for everyone online is to get visitors to see what you can offer them. We are not all as well known as Amazon, Ebay or Facebook .

The quickest way is to pay for targeted ads on well-trafficed platforms but as they become more popular the price goes up and up again.

This platform is worth adding to your list as it reaches out to thousands of people looking to use the Internet either to run their own business or to find an opportunity to work from home.

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How To Get Organic Traffic In 2020

Article Marketing was a process developed in the early days to get FREE traffic (also known as ORGANIC traffic) where people searching the Internet would find a reference to your website and pop over and have a look.

The most important part of developing an online business is to be able to get people to visit your website. This can be an e-commerce store, and Amazon shop or a digital download site. This is known as getting traffic.

We have all seen ads that pop up when we search in Google or watch videos on YouTube or go onto Facebook. These are paid ads. There is a very good reason to use paid ads as it’s fast traffic. But being paid means it can cost a lot of money.

If you write a blog post (basically a short article tightly focused on just one thought) and refer back to a longer article on your website this can then give you traffic for free which builds up over time.

Blog posts can be in many forms such as Tweets, Facebook Posts and Instagram notes.

When Article Marketing was used originally it was focused on getting website rankings on Google. There wasn’t the social media we have today so you wanted (and actually needed) your website to be found on page one of the search engine rankings.

Many techniques were developed, including article marketing, to game Google into giving good rankings to your website. But Google, along with other search engines, don’t like to be manipulated in this way so they keep changing their algorithms. These updates destroyed millions of rubbish websites, many of which had poor quality articles on them. The famous updates, known as the Panda and Penguin updates, targeted article directories in particular which housed millions of articles on thousands of subjects. But so many of these were poorly written and in fact were unreadable. But they existed solely to provide links to millions of keywords being used by searchers.

Article Marketing Pro 2020 shows you how to go about using articles (and the shorter blog posts) to massively build up organic (ie. FREE) traffic to your website. How to do it right and in a way so that not only does your traffic last but it builds up over time.

It’s a FREE guide dedicated to helping you develop out your online business.

You can download it for yourself now. Article Marketing Pro 2020

Working From Home

Council Flat
Posh House

For whatever reason, you are looking to work from home. But it is difficult to find genuine opportunities that actually pay decent money. I know, I have looked many times over the years.

The solution is to work for yourself. That is not as scary as you may think. You can run your own online business, but you need not be doing it totally on your own as there are many thousands of other people doing the same.

There are just 3 steps to starting your own online business.

Perhaps you have already looked into doing this and have been inundated by too much information that you don’t know where to turn. But in reality, there are just 3 steps you need to follow.

Download an introductory guide: 3 steps to starting a small online business This guide will help you resist the temptation you face when offered those BSO’s. You know the ones, the Bright Shiny Object that says “download this software that instantly gives you traffic”, “just copy and paste your way to riches”, or “use our done-for-you product to make your fortune” etc. etc.

In reality there is no success without your own effort. But you do not need a fortune in money to succeed in Internet Marketing. If you were to start a traditional brick and mortar business it would take months and cost thousands of pounds. To begin an online business takes £100 or less with income coming in within a month to reinvest and put towards your living expenses.

An online business fits around your lifestyle or other commitments. If you are not able to do a regular job then an online business is available to you 24/7/365.

Download your introductory guide to learn more: 3 steps to starting a small online business

Studies into working from home

Many regular employers now offer some of their employees the opportunity to work from home. The Trade Union Congress (TUC) here in the UK estimates that another 4 million workers would love the opportunity to work from home but they are not yet allowed to. (See their report HERE).

With your own business, you can fit it around current commitments even if your employer does not allow home working for their business.

Do you dream of handing in your notice one day? Well with your own online business growing in the background that day will come for you.

The Daily Telegraph has published an article on why they think that home working is the way of the future. Telegraph Article

But if you are working for someone else, even at home, you can still be laid off. If your health becomes poor that you cannot do regular work then government benefits may not be enough to give you a good quality of life.

With your own, growing, business then you can work towards the level of income you need for the life you want.

Funnels – The Gathering of Millions

If you have looked into making money from home then you will most probably know that when you sign up for a free or low cost product then often you get offered other products as well.

This arrangement of sales is known in the trade as a “Funnel”. You are guided through a process of sales or offers until you finally leave that website.

A Marketing Funnel System

As you can appreciate the higher level offerings need to be of higher value to attract a higher price. It takes time, experience, and research to be able to set up a successful funnel.

But what if I told you there is a way for you to have the power (and income) of a funnel (in fact multiple funnels) without you needing to do any of the work. The only job you have to do is send traffic.

This you can do with all the FREE TRAINING available. There is a whole training program to help you get free traffic via Facebook without the need for paid ads. [Hence the word free].

Find out more from OLSP. Maybe you are not wanting to become an expert Internet Marketer. Maybe you have something more exciting you want to be doing but you need increasing income to do it.

I am like that. My dream is found here: YouTube – Search for “Roughing It On A Motor Yacht”

I don’t want to be spending my life at my computer so I let Wayne and his team do all the work for me. He is very happy to do that and he will do it for you too.

Why not let him do the heavy lifting for you too? You will find the link takes to you a Facebook Group. After answering just a couple of questions you can gain access. There is a great deal of FREE training there as well as a whole group of people supporting each other to succeed.

The focus is on getting traffic. This is the lifeblood of any online business. In fact, this is all you need to focus on. Wayne and his team will help promote the many products they have available and you get a commission because you introduce people to the group.

So why not take a look at OLSP. IT’s FREE!


Robert J

Traffic Domination

Traffic Domination

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The ‘guru’s’ promoting the program boosted about the millions they are making each year. What they didn’t say is that most of that money came from new people buying their program.

I have often thought that “If they are making so much money, they should invite us in as ‘apprentices’ and only charge us a fee once we use their program to make money.”

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While Wayne has many years of experience and a great team of people supporting him, all the training is up to date as of 2020. In fact, many of the latest webinars are produced during lockdown conditions. But his business is still finding a way to be fully operational.

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The opportunity of lockdown

Don’t go back to normal – Become your own boss now

You cannot have escaped the news that the whole world has been brought to a standstill by the reaction to Covid-19 (coronavirus).

Never before in the history of the world have such a high percentage of the world’s population had such restrictions placed on their movements in public.

Lockdown will be a word that takes on new meaning from 2020 with the world population being restricted in their movements and even confined to their own homes. I, too, am one of them. You too are probably affected as well.

You may be wondering if the business you work for will actually survive the lockdown. Especially affected are hospitality and tourism sectors. Employing millions of people directly and through extensive supply chains the current turmoil radiates outwards to even more millions.

But there’s something unfolding in people’s consciousness. They are thinking (and Googling) “how can I make money online or from the Internet?”

You too could move towards having an income from the Internet. It could just supplement your current income or even, in time, replace it altogether.

Over recent years I have built up my skills in creating websites and making videos. I do not need an office environment to do this. I am sitting here on lockdown in my motor cruiser, moored in a marina on the Caledonian Canal in Scotland UK as I write this. My Internet business is still working 24/7/365 no matter how long I need to be in lockdown.

You, too, can take this opportunity to be learning and developing new skills to build your own business online. In fact there are just 3 steps involved in doing just that.

I have put together a straight forward step by step guide, together with an action focused workbook. This will help you to get started quickly laying the foundation of your own time freedom and choice of income level.

An introductory overview can be downloaded from HERE.

As I move forward it becomes increasingly apparent that to be successful online needs ongoing content creation. It needs to be created quickly but to a high standard to get quality volume building up in your name. This is the challenge for all businesses, to continually supply the goods and services your customers want and need.

In the Internet Marketing business it is often written content that is needed, often supplemented with images and videos.

My friend, Dennis, has been in this business a long time. He has built up a great collection of resources that he uses. Just now he has collected together over 700 pages of fill-in-the-blanks templates so that you can engage in creating content rapidly. He is now offering this resource to help all people who are serious about becoming successful with an online business.

Imagine being able to rapidly create:

  • Blogposts
  • Articles
  • E-books
  • Press Releases
  • Training Manuals
  • Video Script Writing
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Lead Magnet Creation
  • And so much more

Just by filling in the blanks. You will also gain great inspiration from the templates giving you pointers that you hadn’t even thought about yourself.

You can see for yourself what a great resource this will be for your new business by clicking on this link: Instant Product Creation

So just to recap. NOW is the greatest opportunity for you to begin your own online business. Just follow the 3 steps introduced at This Link and make use of fill-in-the-blank templates to quickly develop your online products that your customers are waiting to buy from you.

I look forward to hearing of your successes.

Robert J