Affiliate Marketing – Get Your Piece Of the Action

Selling other people’s stuff – physical products, services, or providing referrals, is a huge business and a growing business. Acting as an affiliate you don’t need to produce the end product yourself. You just collect a commission from the product owners for sales or leads.

Why Bother With Affiliate Marketing?

IT’s A Big Business!

With a total world spend worth $12 B every year (that,s billion with a big B (1,000 million equals 1 billion)) affiliate marketing is a great business model. It is also a growing business.

Affiliate Marketing Is Also Gender Neutral Without Barriers

Female 42.97% Male 54.23%

There are thousands of companies who offer an affiliate program as one of their marketing channels. You can benefit from the overall corporate advertising which creates brand awareness and trust. But you will reach clients and customers on a more personal level and thus get their business on behalf of the company.

Like everything it pays to get trained by someone who is already an expert in the business themselves. They have been through the learning curve and know what works and what doesn’t so you can save time and start earning big very quickly.

Learning from someone who has come up from the bottom to now be earning 6 figures a year means they have learned some secrets for success to pass on to you. John is certainly passing them on to me. I am now living an alternative lifestyle onboard my motor cruiser, Ocean Star.

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